Let us be your first handshake with your next new client...
A professional first impression for your new business relationship.
By working with several
companies at once, TPI is
able to offer a full time
marketing/sales staff at part
time costs. TPI can manage
all or part of a marketing
activity leaving you free to
focus on what you do best.
Nick Vasilieff has been
passing on marketing
information via the
Marketing Survival
Newsletter for many
years. Please let us
know what you think
Now is the perfect time to
evaluate your position and
take action!
When did you last take the
time to analyze your
domestic and international
markets - or strategically
plan your future activities?
As a service company our
primary goal is to provide
consulting and marketing
services that significantly
improve your ability to
create and implement
highly effective marketing
strategies. Read on...
TPI offers professional staff to help our clients open doors to a relationship with new
clients. Established in 1987, TPI has worked with hundreds of companies to
analyze and improve business processes, expand markets, and introduce products
in over 50 countries. We help you improve marketing effectiveness, and increase
sales and profits. Our specialtiy is working with companies whose business is
developing or selling technical software, and services to professional industries. In
those arenas, it is essential that the first conversation with your next client lets them
have confidence in the expertise you offer.

Technical sales staff often have difficulty making time for prospecting calls
consistently when they are maintaining and expanding existing relationships. Our
clients find it is much more cost effective to outsource to the professional team we
offer who can represent them for the initial conversation. Their more expert staff can
then focus on developing new business from well qualified leads and closing
Next to product development,
marketing is the single most
important element of your
business success. Knowing that,
our goal is simple; to provide
the highest quality professional
marketing services while fitting
seamlessly into your existing
Evaluate your marketing
How are you reaching your next new client
now... is it as effective as it can be? What
elements in your marketing efforts are
wasted, and which ones are really getting you
to your next client?
26 Steps to Software Marketing
This information packed article can give you
valuable ideas to make your marketing activites
much more effective.
- Nick Vasilieff
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