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Most CEOs know their company's current resources and where they want to go. However, they are
often too busy to stop and do the strategic planning and implementation necessary to reach their
goals. Knowing where you want to go is different from knowing where you can go, and how to best get

Nickolai Vasilieff and Third Party International conduct several types of consultations designed to meet
the specific needs of the client.

Companies often waste thousands of $, £, •, or Fr on marketing and business development activities
that are misdirected, or simply ineffective. Nick and TPI can share their hard earned knowledge, and
help you develop and implement plans based on sound proven marketing principals, that get results
while staying within your budget. If E-commerce is in your future, Nick recently completed research
and articles on E-commerce that can be valuable to many companies looking to move sales to the

These are the problems we hear most from clients. Does this sound like you?

I know where I want to go, I am just not sure of the best way to get there.

I donít have enough time to do everything.

We have a plan, but itís old, and may be out of date.

We have a good plan; we just canít seem to stay on task.

We have the resources; we just donít have the experience.

We spend a fortune on marketing but we are not getting the results we need.

I donít have time to prepare a written plan.

Weíre a small company, with limited resources; I canít afford a consultant.

I donít know what to do next.

If you see yourself or your company in any of these statements, these consultations will help you
define exactly where you want to go, exactly how to get there, and give you a road map for
implementing your plans.

As for not being able to afford a consultant, if you are a large or small company on limited resources Ė
you canít afford not to have TPI help you with planning and implementation. Our experience shows that
one strategic planning consultation will save you more than you lose in a month on wasted marketing
and lost sales.

Request a 1 hour phone consultation to see if we may make sense for you. 800-417-8909 or outside
US +1-503-230-9898.

Client comments:
"To say you have had a terrific impact on our
business is certainly an understatement... I
really believe you are one of the most effective
ĎBig Guní consultants I have ever met."

"Thank you for two great days of meetings!
What an incredible bargain you turned out to

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