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Telephone Based Marketing and Sales

The difference between telesales and Professional Business-to-Business Telemarketing is equivalent
to the difference between a Fiat and a Ferrari. A Fiat is fine for many conditions, but if you want to
drive very fast on curvy roads, you probably want a Ferrari. Likewise, traditional telesales may be fine
for selling high-volume low-cost products to the general public. But, introducing and educating the
professional customer about technical products requires experienced professionals.

Third Party International, Inc. (TPI) has facilities and experienced professionals to manage your B-to-B
telemarketing sales efforts and maximize your results. Our staff is trained to handle your telephone
based marketing and sales effort in a professional and technically expert manner, and easily becomes
part of your overall marketing/sales team. TPI's staff can immediately handle special projects or
on-going telephone based marketing activities, eliminating the expense of training and managing your
own full time staff.

Our services include:

Inbound Response Services
Receive and manage inquiries and responses to marketing efforts
Phone Fax
Mail Email
Categorize and prioritize (score) inquiries and responses
Respond to each inquiry or response by category
Send proper product literature packs
Send additional questionnaires (used as qualification device for low quality leads)
Send demonstration programs
Develop and maintain databases
Track all leads and implement follow-up activities
Provide regularly scheduled reports

Outbound - Telemarketing/Sales
Set-up, implement, and manage specific sales/telemarketing campaigns in conjunction with other
marketing activities; includes preparing training materials, scripts, sales proposals, call schedules,
and database customization
Telemarketing and sales to high-priority lead category, such as those who have received a
demonstration program or who personally telephoned for information
Telemarketing as a pre-qualification function for low-priority leads received from other marketing efforts
or purchased mailing lists
Develop and maintain databases
Provide regularly scheduled reports

All management activities are furnished on a contract basis with a firm bid price agreed to prior to any

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