Our Services
By working with several companies at once, TPI is able to offer a full time
marketing/sales staff at part time costs. TPI can manage all or part of a marketing
activity leaving you free to focus on what you do best. See in our services below what
options we have available to assist you.
Consulting and Coaching
Find out how you can use TPI and our
knowledge of the market to get the best results
from your marketing efforts.
Sales & Response
Please feel free to ask questions - or tell us
what you think about our web site, company,
products, or services.

You can also reach us at 800-417-8909 in
North America or 503-230-9898 elsewhere.

Email info@thirdpartyintl.com

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Use TPI as your sales team and immediately
add a knowledgeable and customer oriented staff
to help you generate and qualify leads and, most
importantly, close business.