About Us
The telephone is the most powerful tool in your business to help you reach new clients. The hardest part for most seems to be picking it up. How you
approach these potential relationships defines your future. Consider outsourcing so you know the calls happen, and let our professional staff be the ones to
make your first introduction powerful and effective. Let TPI help you bring new options to the table.

TPI works to develops an intimate understanding of your products or services. Then the specific factors that make the client a good fit for your unique offering
are determined. We can then help your clients understand where you may fit their needs.

TPI will help you review your current clients to define your target audience. We will help you test the prospect lists. Where improvements can be made we’ll
fine tune so calling or marketing activity has the greatest chance for success.

Reporting and review of call activity gives you concrete data. The numbers needed to fill the pipeline for sales is invaluable as it lets you more effectively
project revenue opportunities. TPI can help you not only fill the pipeline, but understand your sales cycle substantially better.

Call 800-417-8909 for a free 30 minute consultation. Let us open some doors for you!

Experts on our Team
Cheryl Teigen joined TPI in 1995. Cheryl holds a degree in Psychology and has over 18 years experience in management, marketing, and sale of technical
products. Prior to joining TPI, Cheryl worked with an AutoCAD System Center (Main Dealer) where she gained hands-on experience with AutoCAD and many
third parties programs as well as experience managing both end user and dealer sales and support. Her experience includes application and sale of
architectural, mechanical and GIS/Mapping applications. Since joining TPI, Cheryl has managed the implementation of a wide range of marketing campaigns
and now holds the position of President at Third Party International, Inc. Cheryl also acts as project manager for various activities.

TPI was founded by Nickolai Vasilieff. Since 1987 TPI has worked with over 300 software titles and provided marketing consulting and management services
to companies including Intuit, Control Data Corporation, Virtual Management, Corp. (for Autodesk, Inc.), Advanced Rendering Technology, Cyco Software, PI
Integrated Systems, Inc., DCA Engineering (became Softdesk, Inc. - now part of Autodesk, Inc.), LandCADD (now Eagle Point), and Softsource, Inc. Nick
also established and operated the first direct technical software sales company in the UK (Software Direct, Ltd.) and has continued to develop and maintain
contact with a world wide network of distributors, resellers, media contacts, and associates in the technical software field. Nick has a degree in electrictronic
engineering, business management, advanced studies in psychology and has started and managed 11 companies. He brings over 40 years of
entrepreneurial business, marketing, and management skills to Third Party International, Inc. Nick acts in a mentor role for TPI and is still available for
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